Best 10000mAh power banks in 2022 – Buying Guide

Nowadays, a 10000mAh power bank is a type of portable charger highly recommended for daily use, as it allows a complete recharge in most smartphones and can be carried comfortably in a trouser pocket or bag thanks to its compact design and reduced dimensions and weight.

powerbank 10000mah

In addition, the unstoppable advance of technology has also reached this type of power bank and we find models adapted to the latest fast charging protocols and even with the new USB type C port.

In this buying guide, we will know the features to consider when buying a 10000mAh power bank, what is the recharge time, what types of devices recommended to charge, how many charges we will have and which Amazon models we currently recommend.

No time to read? No problem! In the list below you can see the power banks we like the most on Amazon according to the criteria outlined in this guide.

These are the recommended 10000mAh power banks by our team. You can find more models in our ranking of the Best Power banks in September 2022.

If you want to know more about this type of power banks to choose another model, keep reading! 😉

What devices are recommended for charging with a 10000mAh power bank?

As you may already know with a power bank you can recharge any electronic device that incorporates a USB charging port: cell phone, tablet, iPad, camera, smartwatch, smartband, speaker… and even a laptop or Macbook of last generation thanks to Power Delivery technology.

However, taking into account that this model has a capacity of 10000mAh, it is advisable to use it in devices whose battery has a lower capacity to achieve one or more full recharges. For example, it could be used to recharge a smartphone, a smartwatch, a smartband, or a bluetooth headset.

For any other higher capacity device, such as a tablet or iPad, you don’t get a full recharge so it could be used for a partial charge in an emergency situation. However, if your idea is to recharge this type of device regularly, it would be convenient to use a 20000mAh or 26800mAh power bank.

In short, a 10000mAh portable charger is ideal to be used on a daily basis and fully recharge your smartphone or other small devices a couple of times.

If, for example, you need a power bank for traveling and you have to recharge your devices several times in the same day (or even at the same time) we recommend using a higher capacity model.

Once we know the recommended devices to be used with a 10000mAh power bank let’s see how many charges we would have approximately in a smartphone.

How many times can a 10000mAh power bank charge a smartphone?

First of all, you should know that, although a power bank indicates that it has 10000mAh capacity, the capacity available at the output port will always be less due to a voltage conversion process in which the efficiency of the power bank will also be affected according to the quality of its electronic components.

In order not to go into very technical explanations in this article, we can assume that a power bank has an overall efficiency around 70% which translates into that of 10000mAh only 7000mAh is transferred to the device.

The following tool can help you to know the approximate number of charges you would have in your smartphone using a 10000mAh power bank:

Please select your phone and power bank mAh

Features of a 10000mAh power bank

Next, we are going to analyze the main features of this type of power bank:

Reduced dimensions

In general, the new 10000mAh power banks have dimensions similar to a smartphone and an increasingly thinner thickness, so we say that they are ideal to carry with you without taking up much space … it’s as if you were carrying another cell phone on you!

USB input port

Most power banks on the market already incorporate the USB Type-C port which, except for some specific models, behaves as an input port (recharging the power bank) and as an output port (charging devices). However, we still find models that maintain the classic micro-USB input port.

Another important aspect to note is the improvement in power bank recharging time thanks to the fact that the new models support Quick Charge 3.0 and/or Power Delivery fast charging protocols in the input port*.

*Obviously, to take advantage of the fast charging of the power bank you will need a charger compatible with these technologies.

USB output ports

The new 10000mAh power banks typically include up to 3 USB output ports (2x USB-A + 1x USB-C) capable of supplying up to a power of 15 watts (W) in standard charging (5V-3A) and between 18-20W if the ports support Quick Charge 3.0 and/or Power Delivery fast charging protocols.

Fast charging and USB-C port

As we have mentioned, the new fast charging technologies and the USB C port have also reached power banks and, in the case of the new 10000mAh models, it is already a requirement to adapt to the charging needs of the mobile sector.

For this reason, if your smartphone supports Quick Charge (QC) and/or Power Delivery (PD) and has a USB Type-C charging port (probably yes) it would be advisable to buy a power bank with these technologies for faster charging.

How long does it take to recharge a 10000mAh Power bank?

The charging time of a 10000mAh power bank will depend on several factors:

Charging specifications of the power bank

First of all, we must know the maximum power (W) admitted in the input port (micro-USB or USB-C) of the power bank since the higher this power is, the less time it will take to recharge.

For example, in standard charging (5V), the input port of a power bank usually supports a maximum power of 5W (5V/1A), 10W (5V/2A), 12W (5V/2.4A), 15W (5V/3A).

While if the input port of a 10000mAh power bank supports Quick Charge (QC) and/or Power Delivery (PD) fast charging it can charge up to 18W or 20W.

The following image shows the specifications of a 10000mAh power bank:

We can see that this model has 2 input ports:

  • micro-USB: supports a maximum power of 10W in standard charging and 18W in QC fast charging.
  • USB-C: supports a maximum power of 15W in standard charging and 18W in fast PD charging.

Charger and charging cable used

How to get your 10000mAh power bank to charge faster?

Easy, by using a charger that is capable of delivering the maximum power indicated in the power bank’s charging specifications.

For example:

  • If the input port of the power bank supports 15W in standard charging use a charger that provides at least 15W.
  • If the input port of the power bank supports 18W PD fast charging, use a PD-compatible charger that provides at least 18W.

On the other hand, do not forget the importance of the charging cable:

The length, cross-section, compatibility with fast charging protocols and state of preservation of the cable are factors that also affect the charging time of the power bank.

Efficiency of the recharging process

It should be noted that to achieve a full recharge of the power bank, any charger will always supply more energy than is stored in the power bank’s internal battery.

This excess energy, manifested in the form of heat, will depend on the quality of the internal circuitry of the power bank and the charging cable used.

Examples of standard vs. fast charging times

Having understood the different factors that affect the charging time of a power bank, in the following table we can see the time and efficiency of the charging process of some 10000mAh models tested by our team:

BrandModelRecharge TypeUSB Input PortCharging Time (h)Avg. Charging VoltageBattery Energy (Wh)Supplied Energy (Wh)Recharging Efficiency (%)
BlitzWolfBW-P6QC 2.0Micro-USB3.19.3637.047.478.05
TronsmartPBT10QC 2.0Micro-USB3.699.3337.044.3983.36
XiaomiPLM02ZMQC 2.0Micro-USB3.619.3538.546.8382.21
XiaomiPLM09ZMQC 2.0Micro-USB4.239.0837.044.7482.7
XiaomiPLM01ZMQC 2.0USB-C3.4412.1239.1950.2877.95
AnkerA1261QC 2.0Micro-USB3.479.0838.543.5488.42
RAVPowerRP-PB077QC 2.0Micro-USB3.3411.9938.042.6589.1
TqkaKA023QC 2.0Micro-USB4.159.3237.043.1885.69
UgreenPB108QC 2.0USB-C2.839.0738.043.7886.8
AideazID1001QC 2.0USB-C3.889.3236.047.2876.14
TronsmartPBD01QC 2.0USB-C3.489.0837.044.1783.77
BaseusBS-P10KQ02QC 2.0USB-C3.7412.0737.046.4579.66
CharmastW1040PQC 2.0USB-C3.3712.1338.4845.7684.09
OzkuC1001QC 2.0USB-C3.3112.0537.044.6882.81
ZendureZDA3PDQC 2.0USB-C3.1212.0637.040.5191.34
TeckNetIEP1010QC 2.0Micro-USB3.349.0737.046.280.09
OmarsSlim PackStandardUSB-C4.335.1837.044.5383.09
XiaomiPLM03ZMQC 2.0USB-C3.7512.738.548.9978.59
XiaomiPLM11ZMQC 2.0USB-C3.389.1737.045.5181.3
PoweraddEnergyCell llStandardUSB-C3.055.1337.037.1599.6
PoweraddEnergyCell llPDUSB-C2.399.0537.032.78112.87
BlitzWolfBW-P9QC 2.0Micro-USB3.
UgreenPB178QC 2.0USB-C2.919.0738.545.1585.27

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