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Baseus is a brand of consumer electronics products that, surely, you have come across more than once on the Internet and, although many people hesitate whether to buy their products or not, in the end, there are those who do not care so much about the brand and those who prefer to bet on the “classics” and with more time in the market.

This time, we analyze the Baseus brand: its origins, keys to its success, the power banks available and the after-sales service offered to the user.

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Updated list of Baseus Power banks (February 2024)

Currently, we can find the following portable chargers of the Baseus brand on Amazon:

These are the Baseus power banks available on Amazon. Remember that you can also visit our ranking with the Best Power banks in 2024.

Testing Baseus Power banks

In the following table you will find some interesting data about the results obtained in our tests for Standard Recharge/Discharge (5V) for some models of the Baseus brand:

  • Capacity and stored energy by the internal battery
  • Recharge time
  • Actual capacity and output energy at full discharge of the battery
  • Energy efficiency of the discharge process

In this section, you will find more detailed information on all the power banks tested.

ModelBattery CapacityInput EnergyCharging TimeActual Output CapacityOutput EnergyConversion Rate

Would you like us to test a specific Baseus model? Leave us a comment at the end of the article!

A promising brand: Will Baseus become the king?

Information about the Shenzhen-based brand is limited and somewhat confusing.

On their international website, they indicate 2011 as the “birth date” of the brand, although on Amazon, as well as on the Chinese website, they indicate 2009; in any case, Baseus is a young brand.

baseus base on user
“Base on User” is the slogan that gives the company its name.

The truth is that the brand takes its name from “Base on User”; initially, it was dedicated to the manufacture of gadgets for cell phones in general, that is, it was not born as a brand specialized in power banks, in fact, neither is it currently, as it is subdivided into:

  • Baseus Gamo
  • Baseus Audio
  • Baseus Lighting
  • Baseus Automotive: launching products such as battery jump starters and tire inflators.
  • Baseus Home Appliance

However, one of its strong points are its cell phone charging products, such as chargers, charging cables, or, which we will talk about in detail, its power banks.

On the other hand, Baseus seems to follow the path of other renowned Chinese brands such as Ugreen, Tronsmart and Xiaomi itself.

Why do we say so?

When analyzing Baseus’ product range we see how it tries to follow the market lines of other brands: low prices like Ugreen, premium design like Anker or advertising in the style of Xiaomi.

baseus 30000mah powerbank
The Chinese manufacturer’s 30000mAh flagships have enabled it to leap to fame.

The most outstanding models of the brand are the powerful 30000mAh power banks, a huge capacity at a low price, although, as a major drawback, they have considerable weight (they reach almost one kilogram).

Returning to the history of the brand, we must highlight that 2011 was an important year for them, with the opening of their flagship store in Guangzhou, currently, they have more in cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen and Eastbourne.

baseus store
Baseus store in Eastbourne, United Kingdom.

In 2017 Baseus was present in more than 180 countries around the world, impressive! However, it was in 2019 that it established the Baseus Laboratory, finally becoming more than just a brand that assembles products.

As we said above, it is important to emphasize that Baseus still has a long way to go:

Its expansion in the Western market must still continue to consolidate (in Europe, it only has one store in the UK), the guarantees, as well as the quality and presentation of the product, must be improved (especially the packaging)… although, if it continues on the right track, everyone will talk about it as happened with Xiaomi in the past.

I already have a Baseus power bank: what should I know?

Both after-sales service and warranty are two aspects that cannot be overlooked if you want to buy a product that is reliable and durable; in the case of Baseus you should consider the following:

Technical Support On this website, you can contact the brand.
Product Warranty Initially, Amazon warranty. For more information, visit their official website.
Product Registration Baseus has a product identification system on its website.
User manual Baseus has started to upload online versions of the user manuals for its products.
Brand fan? Then be sure to follow them on their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) or read their news.

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