Best Power Banks for MacBook in 2024

MacBooks are known for being high-quality and high-performance laptops; however, the battery life is limited depending on the model and usage of the device.

When you need to work at university, the office, or generally away from home, it’s crucial to have a reliable power source to keep your MacBook running throughout the day. This is where power banks come into play.

However, not all power banks are the same, and for that reason, not all are capable of charging your MacBook.

In this guide, we will explain the factors you should consider when choosing a power bank for your MacBook and recommend several models so you can choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Don’t have time to read the whole guide? No problem! Below is a list of the best power banks for MacBook:

These are the power banks for MacBooks chosen by our team.ย You can find more models in our ranking of theย Best Power banks in February 2024.

Factors to consider when buying a Power Bank for MacBook

Charging Port

If you take a look at the side of your MacBook, you’ll probably see a port configuration similar to the following:

macbook charging ports
From left to right: MagSafe port, USB-C ports, and 3.5mm audio jack.

Currently, most MacBooks have a dual charging port: the proprietary MagSafe and the universal USB-C, which operates using the Power Delivery (PD) protocol.

However, this hasn’t always been the case. Let’s briefly go over the history of MacBook charging ports:

We’ll start with the introduction of the MagSafe port, Apple’s patented charging technology that first appeared on the MacBook Pro in 2006. The goal of the technology was to provide a more secure and convenient connection between the charger and the device, using a magnetic connector.

Over time, MagSafe became a common feature in MacBooks, including the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. In 2012, Apple updated the technology to MagSafe 2, a thinner and lighter version than its predecessor.

MagSafe is considered a secure charging method: the magnetic connector automatically detaches from the device if too much force is applied to the cable, helping prevent damage from the device falling.

Three years later, in 2015, the first MacBook that charged exclusively through a USB-C was introduced: the 12-inch MacBook. USB-C was used for both charging the battery and transferring data and connecting peripherals. Since then, other MacBook models, such as the Air and Pro, adopted USB-C ports for charging and connecting peripherals.

This led to Apple removing MagSafe technology from its MacBooks starting in 2016. However, in 2020, Apple announced the return of MagSafe (version 3) to its MacBooks, as a feature of the new MacBook Air and Pro lineup. Additionally, the return of MagSafe marked its introduction, for the first time, to iPhones.

This means that you’ll need to choose a power bank based on the type of port your MacBook has. In general, we could say that:

If you have a MacBook older than 2015

WITHOUT a USB-C charging port, you should opt for power banks with a DC port (using adapters) or AC (connecting the original MacBook charger to the power bank).

If you want to use a USB-C Power Delivery-compatible power bank with your MacBook, then you should follow the steps detailed in our general laptop power bank guide and purchase a USB-C PD to MagSafe 1 (models before 2012) or MagSafe 2 (models from 2012 onward) adapter, which includes a trigger that allows it to function just like the original charger.

Therefore, you must pay close attention to which version of MagSafe your model uses because if you make a mistake in choosing, you could seriously damage your MacBook.

If you have a MacBook from 2015 or later

WITH a USB-C charging port, then you can directly choose power banks with a USB-C port compatible with Power Delivery (PD). However, as we’ll see, that’s not the only specification you should pay attention to.

Charging Power

After checking the type of port your MacBook has, you’ll need to verify the power (in W) of its charger. For this, we recommend two options:

  1. Check the official Apple website by entering your model in the search bar and, once found, go to the “Battery and Power” section.
  2. Verify the power of the charger included in the box (usually located beneath the plug):

However, our recommendation is to go to the official Apple website to check if the power supplied by the charger included in the box is the maximum power at which the MacBook can be charged, as this is not always the case:

For example, the MacBook Air with M2 chip (8-core GPU version) from 2022 includes a 30W USB-C charger in the box. However, as indicated in its technical specifications, it supports “Fast charging with the 67W USB-C power adapter.”

In principle, for this example, it would be sufficient to buy a power bank that supplies at least 30W through Power Delivery. Still, if you were to purchase one with higher power, let’s say 65W, not only would it work, but you would even have fast charging anywhere!

If you don’t have time to check your model, you can refer to the following table, which includes all MacBooks from 2016 to today with information on the charger’s power, both the standard option and whether it supports fast charging:

2006ProMacBook Pro (17")1785W85WMagSafe
2006ProMacBook Pro (15")1585W85WMagSafe
2006MacBook (13")1360W60WMagSafe
2007ProMacBook Pro (17")1785W85WMagSafe
2007ProMacBook Pro (15")1585W85WMagSafe
2007MacBook (13")1360W60WMagSafe
2008AirMacBook Air (13")1345W45WMagSafe
2008ProMacBook Pro (17")1785W85WMagSafe
2008ProMacBook Pro (15")1585W85WMagSafe
2008MacBook (13")1360W60WMagSafe
2009AirMacBook Air (13")1345W45WMagSafe
2009ProMacBook Pro (17")172.66 GHz & 2.8 GHz w/dedicated graphics80W80WMagSafe
2009ProMacBook Pro (17")172.53 GHz w/integrated graphics60W60WMagSafe
2009ProMacBook Pro (17")1785W85WMagSafe
2009ProMacBook Pro (15")152.66 GHz & 2.8 GHz w/dedicated graphics80W80WMagSafe
2009ProMacBook Pro (15")152.53 GHz w/integrated graphics60W60WMagSafe
2009ProMacBook Pro (15")1585W85WMagSafe
2009ProMacBook Pro (13")1360W60WMagSafe
2009MacBook (13")1360W60WMagSafe
2010AirMacBook Air (13")1345W45WMagSafe
2010AirMacBook Air (11")1145W45WMagSafe
2010ProMacBook Pro (17")1785W85WMagSafe
2010ProMacBook Pro (15")1585W85WMagSafe
2010ProMacBook Pro (13")1360W60WMagSafe
2010MacBook (13")1360W60WMagSafe
2011AirMacBook Air (13")1345W45WMagSafe
2011AirMacBook Air (11")1145W45WMagSafe
2011ProMacBook Pro (17")1785W85WMagSafe
2011ProMacBook Pro (15")1585W85WMagSafe
2011ProMacBook Pro (13")1360W60WMagSafe
2012AirMacBook Air (13")1345W45WMagSafe 2
2012AirMacBook Air (11")1145W45WMagSafe 2
2012ProMacBook Pro (15")1585W85WMagSafe 2
2012ProMacBook Pro (13")1360W60WMagSafe 2
2013AirMacBook Air (13")1345W45WMagSafe 2
2013AirMacBook Air (11")1145W45WMagSafe 2
2013ProMacBook Pro (15")1585W85WMagSafe 2
2013ProMacBook Pro (13")1360W60WMagSafe 2
2014AirMacBook Air (13")1345W45WMagSafe 2
2014AirMacBook Air (11")1145W45WMagSafe 2
2014ProMacBook Pro (13")1360W60WMagSafe 2
2015AirMacBook Air (13")1345W45WMagSafe 2
2015AirMacBook Air (11")1145W45WMagSafe 2
2015ProMacBook Pro (15")1585W85WMagSafe 2
2015ProMacBook Pro (13")1360W60WMagSafe 2
2015MacBook (12")1229W29WUSB-C
2016ProMacBook Pro (15")1587W87WUSB-C
2016ProMacBook Pro (13")1361W61WUSB-C
2016MacBook (12")1229W29WUSB-C
2017AirMacBook Air (13")1345W45WMagSafe 2
2017ProMacBook Pro (15")1587W87WUSB-C
2017ProMacBook Pro (13")1361W61WUSB-C
2017MacBook (12")1229W29WUSB-C
2018AirMacBook Air (13")1330W30WUSB-C
2018ProMacBook Pro (15")1587W87WUSB-C
2018ProMacBook Pro (13")1361W61WUSB-C
2019AirMacBook Air (13")1330W30WUSB-C
2019ProMacBook Pro (16")1696W96WUSB-C
2019ProMacBook Pro (15")1587W87WUSB-C
2019ProMacBook Pro (13")1361W61WUSB-C
2020AirMacBook Air (13")13M1, Intel30W30WUSB-C
2020ProMacBook Pro (13")13M161W61WUSB-C
2020ProMacBook Pro (13")13Intel61W61WUSB-C
2021ProMacBook Pro (16")16M1 Pro140W140WUSB-C, MagSafe 3
2021ProMacBook Pro (14")14M1 Pro (8 cores CPU)67W96WUSB-C, MagSafe 3
2021ProMacBook Pro (14")14M1 Pro (10 cores CPU), M1 Max96W96WUSB-C, MagSafe 3
2022AirMacBook Air (13")1330W67WUSB-C, MagSafe 3
2022ProMacBook Pro (13")13M267W67WUSB-C
2023ProMacBook Pro (16")16M2 Pro140W140WUSB-C, MagSafe 3
2023ProMacBook Pro (14")14M2 Pro (10 cores CPU)67W96WUSB-C, MagSafe 3
2023ProMacBook Pro (14")14M2 Pro (12 cores CPU), M2 Max96W96WUSB-C, MagSafe 3

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