Best MagSafe battery packs for iPhone

MagSafe battery packs allow you to charge your iPhone 12 (and later) quickly and safely.

In this article, you’ll learn how this innovative technology works and the differences between Made for MagSafe and MagSafe Compatible certified products, so you can make an informed decision at the time of purchase.

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What is MagSafe and how does it work?

MagSafe is a connectivity technology developed by Apple for its portable devices, such as MacBooks and iPhones. The name “MagSafe” refers to the magnetic (Mag) connection used to safely (Safe) and reliably connect devices to accessories, such as chargers and battery packs.

It was first introduced in 2006 with Apple’s MacBook. These laptops had a magnetic connector instead of a traditional power connector. This allowed the power cable to be easily disconnected if the cord was accidentally pulled, preventing the laptop from falling to the floor.

In 2020, Apple reintroduced MagSafe in the iPhone 12. This technology relies on a series of magnets found on the back of the iPhone. When a compatible accessory is placed near the iPhone’s magnetic connector, the magnets attract and align automatically:

In conclusion, MagSafe technology has several advantages compared to other types of connectors:

  1. Safe and reliable connectivity: the magnets in the iPhone’s magnetic connector allow accessories to be securely and reliably connected to the phone, preventing them from being accidentally disconnected while in use.
  2. Fast and efficient charging: MagSafe also allows iPhone wireless charging to be faster and more efficient, as there is optimal placement between the phone’s location and the battery charging surface.
  3. Compatibility with other accessories: MagSafe technology only allows iPhones to connect to other MagSafe-compatible accessories, preventing interference or unwanted connections with other magnets.
  4. Easy to use: easier to connect and disconnect, saving time and effort, without the need for cumbersome cables.

What is the difference between Made for MagSafe and MagSafe Compatible?

A “Made for MagSafe” certified accessory, in addition to being specifically designed to work with MagSafe technology, uses official Apple technology. This means that these products were developed following MFi (Made for iPhone) guidelines and comply with Apple’s development standards.

We could say that they are “official products”, although manufactured by third parties, which translates into a better user experience and better performance, in fact, only with this type of accessory you will be able to charge your iPhone at 15 watts (W).

On the other hand, a “MagSafe Compatible” certified accessory simply means that it can be used with a device that has MagSafe technology but has not been specifically designed to work with it.

This means that manufacturers take advantage of the magnet system while using the Qi wireless charging protocol, which on iPhones is limited to 7.5 watts (W), which is why they do not meet the performance or usability standards of a “Made for MagSafe” accessory.

The goal is to make products more affordable for the consumer without losing quality, in fact, many manufacturers strive for the magnetic coupling to be as good as using official Apple technology.

For example, the Belkin brand has the Made for MagSafe certification for its wireless charging products, while the Anker brand offers MagSafe Compatible products.

Why buy a MagSafe charger versus a Qi charger?

MagSafe and Qi technologies are two different wireless charging systems for electronic devices. While MagSafe technology is used only in Apple devices, Qi covers various devices from different brands.

In principle, the big advantage offered by MagSafe chargers is that you can charge your iPhone at a speed of up to 15W, while with a Qi charger you can only reach a maximum speed of 7.5W.

Now, as we explained above, there are Made for MagSafe and MagSafe Compatible accessories, is it worth buying a MagSafe battery pack?

We think so, based on the following points:

  • If you buy a Made for MagSafe charger, you will be able to charge your iPhone twice as fast (15W) compared to using a MagSafe Compatible or Qi one (7.5W).
  • The MagSafe magnet system is an excellent ally of the Qi protocol, as it has always had as a handicap the need for two coils to be very close, which made it almost impossible to use in scenarios such as, for example, charging an iPhone with a wireless external battery in a backpack. With a MagSafe Compatible battery pack, it would be possible, although the maximum charge rate is 7.5W.
  • With Made for MagSafe, you are buying an Apple certified product. Likewise, MagSafe Compatible products also guarantee a minimum of quality; therefore, you can consider both certificates as a guarantee of a safe product.

How to get MagSafe on any iPhone

Although MagSafe technology was introduced with the iPhone 12, Qi wireless charging has been available on iPhone models 8 and later. This means we can make these models compatible with MagSafe using accessories. How? Here are the options:


This is an easy-to-implement solution, similar to the one offered by Apple for MagSafe models. It involves cases with small magnets incorporated into their body (usually 38 type N32), like the following image:

funda magsafe iphone

Installation is simple, just replace your current case with the new MagSafe case. The advantage is that case manufacturers align the magnets with the wireless charging area for optimal coupling. The disadvantage is that the variety of cases available for purchase is limited.

Below, we provide a list of the best MagSafe cases on Amazon for each iPhone:


This is the most versatile option, as it turns any case or phone into MagSafe, even those that are not Apple. We simply buy the magnets and stick them on a case (most recommended) or on the back of our iPhone or smartphone compatible with Qi wireless charging.

anillo magsafe iphone

The advantage is that we can stick it to any case, meaning it is more versatile than the previous option. The disadvantage is that we must manually align the magnets, although manufacturers usually include a guide for proper installation.

instalación anillo magsafe iphone

Please note the manufacturer’s recommendations for the ring, as some are not compatible with certain types of cases, for example, rugged cases are “problematic.”

Below, we present a list of the best MagSafe rings available on Amazon: