Best Power Bank for iPhone in 2022

At PowerBank20 we always try to recommend the best portable chargers on Amazon that work for Android phones and iPhones.

However, if you are an iPhone user, it is more interesting to buy an Apple-friendly power bank, i.e. those models that include a built-in Lightning cable or a Lightning charging port and are even compatible with MagSafe technology.

We’ve put together the following list of the best portable chargers for iPhone you can find on Amazon in November 2022:

These are the power banks for iPhones chosen by our team. You can find more models in our ranking of the Best Power banks in November 2022.

How many times can I charge my iPhone with a portable charger?

Before buying a portable charger it would be convenient to know how many times you can charge your iPhone approximately, so as not to be disappointed and think that the power bank was defective.

Using the following tool you can check the number of available charges by selecting your iPhone device and the capacity of a generic power bank on the market:

Please select your phone and power bank mAh

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