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We analyze the Zendure power banks brand, its origin, the keys to its success, the models available on Amazon and the after-sales service offered to the user.

Updated list of Zendure Power banks (February 2024)

First, let’s take a look at the catalog of Zendure power banks available on Amazon, a brand that stands out for its variety of models of different capacities:

These are the Zendure power banks available on Amazon. Remember that you can also visit our ranking with the Best Power banks in 2024.

Testing Zendure Power banks

In the following table you will find some interesting data about the results obtained in our tests for Standard Recharge/Discharge (5V) for some models of the Zendure brand:

  • Capacity and stored energy by the internal battery
  • Recharge time
  • Actual capacity and output energy at full discharge of the battery
  • Energy efficiency of the discharge process

In this section, you will find more detailed information on all the power banks tested.

ModelBattery CapacityInput EnergyCharging TimeActual Output CapacityOutput EnergyConversion Rate

Would you like us to test a specific Zendure model? Leave us a comment at the end of the article!

Zendure: an “endure” brand with a “zen” mind

According to their official website, Zendure is the combination of the words “zen” with “endure”, the first term refers to tranquility or calm while the second to hardness, as its power banks are characterized by their ultra-resistant design to shocks and falls.

The brand was founded by Tom Haflinger and Bryan Liu in the United States. In the beginning, Liu was in charge of the design and the more “technical” aspects of the portable chargers while Haflinger was responsible for marketing, advertising and web design.

Zendure’s growth was fast: in July 2013 the company was founded, and in September of the same year they had already managed to raise more than $200,000 on Kickstarter. In the following video you can see the presentation of the brand and its products:

After the successful launch on Kickstarter, the company opened its Amazon store in 2014, managing to expand to Europe in September of the same year, which was a big step in a short time.

In addition, Zendure has shown that users believe in its product: just look at the fundraising achieved in its subsequent campaigns on the platform.

From then on, they continued with more recognitions and participations in prestigious events:

  • Titan Airways recommended the Zendure A5 model as the “ideal power bank” to take on airplanes.
  • Participated in the IFA in Berlin (2017).
  • Won the Good Design Award with the Zendure Passport (2017).
  • Participated in CES Las Vegas (2018).
Zendure A5 Tita Airways
Titan Airways and Zendure partnership.

The keys to Zendure’s success: elegance, toughness, quality… what more could you ask for?

Although Zendure is a brand specialized in charging accessories, one of the points they make sure to reinforce is the quality control of the batteries they use in their power banks.

In fact, such is the importance of Zendure that it always guarantees the efficiency of over 80% as well as more than 500 charge/discharge cycles on its models.

In addition, it is impossible not to talk about the differentiating feature in Zendure power banks: their build quality; you should know that ALL models are made of polycarbonate with ABS which makes them -almost- indestructible.

Zendure Power banks
Zendure power banks

There are also other functions to which Zendure pays particular attention:

  • Pass-Through Charging Technology
  • Auto Power On
  • Extended standby: up to 6 months can maintain its charge level.

In conclusion, the Zendure brand offers us portable chargers with high-quality construction, an elegant design as well as cutting-edge technologies, since almost all its lines of power banks have fast charging protocols.

I already have a Zendure power bank: what should I know?

Both after-sales service and warranty are two aspects that cannot be overlooked if you want to buy a product that is reliable and durable; in the case of Zendure you should consider the following:

Technical Support On this website, you can contact the brand. You can also access the FAQ.
Product Warranty The warranty varies depending on the product, the time is indicated on the card that comes with the product; although automatically if you buy on Amazon you have the Amazon warranty; to learn more visit the official website of the brand.
Product Registration You can verify the authenticity of your power bank on the Zendure website. However, there is no registration system.
User manual You can access online versions of user manuals for Zendure products you own or plan to buy 😉 to learn a little more about them.
Brand fan? Then be sure to follow them on their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), follow their blog or subscribe to their newsletter.

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