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Although Charmast is one of the latest brands to hit the market, it has been able to compete with pragmatic and minimalist products; in this article, we will tell you about its history and the keys to its success.

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Updated list of Charmast Power banks (December 2023)

Currently, we can find the following portable chargers of the Charmast brand on Amazon that cover a wide range of needs for all users:

These are the Charmast power banks available on Amazon. Remember that you can also visit our ranking with the Best Power banks in 2023.

Testing Charmast Power banks

In the following table you will find some interesting data about the results obtained in our tests for Standard Recharge/Discharge (5V) for some models of the Charmast brand:

  • Capacity and stored energy by the internal battery
  • Recharge time
  • Actual capacity and output energy at full discharge of the battery
  • Energy efficiency of the discharge process

In this section, you will find more detailed information on all the power banks tested.

ModelBattery CapacityInput EnergyCharging TimeActual Output CapacityOutput EnergyConversion Rate

Would you like us to test a specific Charmast model? Leave us a comment at the end of the article!

Rex: the mind behind Charmast

As with many other brands of portable chargers, such as Litionite or Ugreen, the birth of Charmast was online, appearing for the first time on Amazon in 2018.

Charmast tells us on its website, in a very relatable way, almost as if it were a story told by a friend, that the idea behind the company foundation was a real-life situation.

Rex -pseudonym of the founder of Charmast- had a business meeting at Los Angeles airport with an important client, so he needed to have a presentation open on his MacBook but his laptop ‘died’ within minutes.

charmast laptop pc power bank
Rex probably had something similar to the C2032 model in his mind [Source: Amazon].
Embarrassed by what had happened, he decided to use his iPhone to present the slides, but it had no battery either. The customer was in the same situation: no battery.

In the meantime, Rex remembered the reasons why he had left the power bank at home: too thick to carry in the laptop case and too ugly for the presentation.

How did the meeting end? Both laughed at the curious coincidence and closed the deal, or at least that’s what they assure us on the official website.

After what happened, Rex decided to ally with a ‘powerful manufacturer’ -whose name we do not know- and invest “millions of dollars” to make power banks thin, beautiful, and compatible with fast charging and multiple interfaces.

In addition, the company did a rebranding in the last year, starting with a radically different logo:

logo charmast
Old logo (left) vs. new (right) The change is radical! [Source: Chamast official website and social media].
This is probably the reason why the brand’s social networks are not updated and the links from its website redirect us to its homepage.

Winning despite being last: the keys to Charmast’s success

How is it possible that today Charmast has become one of the brands that sells the most portable chargers on Amazon despite having arrived much later – compared to others – on the market? This is due to the brand’s philosophy, in line with our times.

Just break down Rex’s description of an ideal power bank in 2018 into parts:

  • Slim and beautiful: the aesthetics of portable electronic products have become a central aspect, since they are usually one more element that we integrate into our appearance and, therefore, we want it to give a certain feeling in front of the rest of people (for example, elegance in a formal context).
  • Compatible with fast charging: the 21st century is characterized by immediacy and, of course, waiting 2 hours or more for your smartphone to be 100% charged is a thing of the past.
  • Multiple interfaces: despite the fact that the USB C port has become widespread, consumers are not exempt from headaches, since there are multiple charging protocols and any charger will not be valid if we want to take full advantage of the capabilities of our smartphone.
power bank charmast lipo cells
The 2002P model is one of the best of the brand: despite having a capacity of 26800mAh this power bank has a thickness of just under a centimeter and a half (1.42 cm) [Source: Amazon].
This, together with the positive experiences reported by many users on Amazon, made Charmast rise meteorically in a period of 2 – 3 years of activity.

Probably a step that this young brand will have to take sooner or later is to start developing its own technologies (e.g. smart charging) so that it can declare itself a competitor not only in sales but also in development and innovation.

I already have a Charmast power bank: what should I know?

Both after-sales service and warranty are two aspects that cannot be overlooked if you want to buy a product that is reliable and durable; in the case of Charmast you should consider the following:

Technical Support On this page you can contact the brand, you can also send an email to this email.
Product Warranty Automatically 2 years if purchased through Amazon. Outside of Amazon, Charmast guarantees a full refund of the product within one month of purchase if you are not satisfied. Take a look at the warranty section.
Product Registration Charmast does not have a registration or verification system for its products.
User manual Charmast does not provide online user manuals for its products.
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