Who we are

PowerBank20 is an independent website that analyzes and tests Amazon’s power banks in order to recommend the best 20 models to consumers.

What do we do?

We are aware of the difficulty for the user to choose a power bank with quality and good performance to charge their devices due to the wide range of brands, prices and models available in the market.

Our main goal is to provide you, the users, with a comparison of the best power banks to help you choose the model that best suits your charging needs.

How do we do it?

In order to recommend the best power banks to our readers, it is necessary to buy each model and test it by ourselves.

In addition, the results of the tests are registered publicly in a database that users can consult at any time.

For more information, you can read how we perform a power bank testing or what our factors are to select the best models impartially.

Our funding

PowerBank20 participates in the Amazon Affiliate Program and eBay Partner Network where we get a small commission for each purchase made through our affiliate links.

For the user there is no disadvantage, it does not affect the purchase price and it allows the PB20 project to be sustainable and independent, that is:

In this way, we can keep buying new power banks to analyze and avoid having sponsored content on our website.

Our team

MiguelProject manager
AntonioChief editor