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We analyze the RAVPower brand: its origins, the keys to its success, the power banks available in 2024 and what after-sales service it offers to the user.

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Updated list of RAVPower Power banks (February 2024)

First of all, we are going to introduce you to the complete catalog of power banks from RAVPower on AliExpress, a brand that stands out for its wide variety of models:

These are the RAVPower power banks available on AliExpress. Remember that you can also visit our ranking with the Best Power banks in 2024.

Testing RAVPower Power banks

In the following table you will find some interesting data about the results obtained in our tests for Standard Recharge/Discharge (5V) for some models of the RAVPower brand:

  • Capacity and stored energy by the internal battery
  • Recharge time
  • Actual capacity and output energy at full discharge of the battery
  • Energy efficiency of the discharge process

In this section, you will find more detailed information on all the power banks tested.

ModelBattery CapacityInput EnergyCharging TimeActual Output CapacityOutput EnergyConversion Rate

Would you like us to test a specific RAVPower model? Leave us a comment at the end of the article!

RAVPower history: from humble beginnings to world leader in less than a decade

Belonging to the Sunvalley group of companies – born between China and USA – the origin of the RAVPower brand is, in their own words, “humble”: we must go back to 2011 when it debuted on Amazon, receiving its first order on August 18 of the same year.

Since that August 18, a long time has passed, during which RAVPower has not stopped growing, as they explain in the timeline they offer us on their official website.

Notable achievements include:

Its expansion into other Amazon stores throughout 2012, the registration of its own “iSmart” smart charging technology in 2015, as well as $5.8 million in sales that same year.

Although this manufacturer was initially created to manufacture replacement batteries for cell phones and computers, it quickly extended its line to include chargers, portable chargers and cell phone accessories, such as battery cases.

RAVPower global leader in charging technology
RAVPower calls itself the “global leader in charging technology”.

Since 2016, RAVPower began a process of developing charging technologies that started with the improvement of the brand’s own iSmart -version 2.0-, as well as becoming a pioneer brand of new charging technologies: both wireless charging (HyperAir) and the Power Delivery protocol.

Hace poco, RAVPower atravesó un proceso de “lavado de cara” en el que actualizó casi toda su línea de power banks así como su imagen corporativa, de hecho, renovó su logotipo y elaboró una versión “mini” del mismo de cara a su uso en redes sociales, aunque no se descarta verle en alguna parte del packaging de alguno de sus productos:

Recently, RAVPower went through a rebranding process in which it updated almost its entire line of power banks as well as its corporate image, in fact, renewed its logo and developed a “mini” version of it for use in social networks, although it is also present in the packaging of some of its products:

RAVPower logo nuevo
RAVPower started 2019 with a new look 😎

Versatility, variety and innovation: the keys to RAVPower’s success

It is impossible to talk about RAVPower without stopping at the wide range of power banks that it is capable of launching on the market; ranging from the entry range to offer pioneering products, at the forefront of technology, as in the case of its new hybrid charger (charger + power bank) or its FileHub portable router.

RAVPower Pioner Series USB-C PD

On the other hand, the classic 5000 mAh cylindrical models are still available as well as power banks that do not feature fast charging technologies; in any case, it can be stated that the entire RAVPower range is of high quality, as well as offering users a wide variety of both capacities and technologies to choose from.

This is precisely what defines the brand: to develop each of its power banks individually, in detail, thinking of each power bank as a user with specific needs.

Gama RAVPower Powerbanks
RAVPower Power banks products: one of the most complete on the market?

That is why the designs of RAVPower portable chargers, although they have a common identity, are different from each other, without being limited to being a larger or smaller version of each other -as can happen with other manufacturers such as Omars-.

As mentioned above, RAVPower is a pioneer in Power Delivery fast charging technology as well as in the manufacture of new gadgets that incorporate power banks such as the aforementioned FileHub, a router/wireless hard disk/power bank that could be a milestone for the power bank market (are we moving towards smart portable chargers?).

I already have a RAVPower power bank: what should I know?

Both after-sales service and warranty are two aspects that cannot be overlooked if you want to buy a product that is reliable and durable; in the case of RAVPower you should consider the following:

Technical Support On this website, you can contact the brand as a consumer or as a seller of the product.
Product Warranty 18 months. For more information, visit their website.
Product Registration You can verify their products on their website.
User manual You can access online versions of user manuals for RAVPower products you own or plan to purchase 😉 to learn a little more about them.
Brand fan? Then be sure to follow them on their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube), follow their blog or subscribe to their newsletter.

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